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Overseas Business

BEWG steadily implemented the "going global" strategy. With its headquarters in Singapore as an international business center, BEWG radiates the Asia Pacific market, Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. With its strong capital strength, advanced technology and rich management experience, BEWG makes arrangement in the international water market. At present, the business has covered over 30 cities in Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore and other countries and regions as well as in Taiwan, China. Overseas service population reaches nearly 10 million.

BEWG has been actively implementing the "The Belt and Road Initiative" and has used its strength to shape the "China Label" in the global water environment market. In particular, the Singapore Changi Xinsheng Water Project and the Malaysia Pandai II Wastewater Treatment Plant project have become the models for responding positively to the national "the Belt and Road Initiative."

* Fulfilling national 'the Belt and RoadInitiative' actually

* Business covers more than 30 cities

* The populationof foreign servicereaches 10 million

Project in Portugal

  • · The first project of China’s water affairs enterprise to conduct international acquisition of the assets of large-scale international water affairs company

In 2013, BEWG acquired Be Water, a water assets company in Portugal. At present, the overall production and operation of the project is in good condition and the operation of the project has continued to be stable and provided 435 jobs in the local area. The project not only achieves a breakthrough in its daily operation mode and region, but also is the firstproject that China's water companies acquired the assets of international large-scale water companies across borders.

Project in Portugal

Project in Malaysia

  • · The world's third largest underground sewage treatment project
  • · The project uses all underground construction programs and a number of green energy-saving technologies

In July, 2011, BEWG was awarded the first project in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur  PANTAI 2 sewage treatment plant, witnessed by Mr. Hu Jintao, then-president of China, and Mr. Najib, then-prime minister of Malaysia. This is the iconic event of exploration of BEWG in international market.

The project uses all-underground construction programs and applies a number of green energy-saving technologies to provide solutions to the conflicts between urban development and environmental issues such as wastewater treatment. And the project is currently the world's third largest underground sewage treatment plant.

Project in Malaysia

Project in Macao

  • · First public sewage treatment plant in Macao
  • · Largest sewage treatment plant in Macao

In September 2016, BEWG won the bid for the operation and maintenance of the Macao Peninsula Sewage Treatment Plant. The service covers most of the Peninsula. The project marks the successful entry of BEWG into the Macao water market.

Project in Macao

Project in Singapore

  • · Winning the first place in 2016 GWI Global Water Summit Annual Best Water Trade Award
  • · The government of Singapore awarded the newborn water project invested and operated by foreign companies for the first time
  • · Adopting the world's most advanced wastewater recycling technology

The project adopts the world’s advanced wastewater recycling technology - ultrafiltration plus reverse osmosis double membrane treatment process, to conduct advanced treatment of the effluent of sewage treatment plant, and turn the sewage into industrial water and drinking water sources, greatly easing the situation of water supply in Singapore. The project is the first case of Singapore's new water project awarded by the Singapore government for investment and operation by foreign companies and reflects the recognition of the professional and technical capabilities and overall strength of BEWG in the international market.

Project in Singapore