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Walk into a new era and embark on a new journey---BEWG holds 2018 annual working meeting2018/01/31

On January 31, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited ("BEWG") held 2018 annual working meeting in Beijing. The theme of this meeting is “walking into a new era and embarking on a new journey”. The meeting comprehensively reviewed the work in 2017, formally launched a "dual-platform" strategy of asset management platform and operation management platform to move towards asset-light enterprise, and made arrangement on strategic implementation routes as well as business objectives and key tasks in 2018.

The meeting was attended by Li Yongcheng, Deputy Chairman, Deputy General Manager of BEWG and Board Chairman of BEWG, Jiang Xinhao, Deputy General Manager of BEWG, Executive Director and Vice General Manager of Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited and Executive Director of BEWG, Hu Xiaoyong, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of BEWG and Board Chairman of Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited, Ke Jian, Vice President of Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited, Vice Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of Beijing Enterprises Environment Group Limited and Executive Director of BEWG, leaders, heads of various departments of the headquarters of the Group, heads of major regions and key business backbones.

Zhou Min, president of the Group released the strategic blueprint for the BEWG. Chief Executive Li Li, Senior Vice President Yang Guang and Yu Liguo interpreted the strategy and made a strategic plan respectively from management, business and capital. Yu Liguo delivered annual report on work titled “walking into a new era and embarking on a new journey” on behalf of the group.

The meeting was chaired by Zhang Tiefu, Vice President of the group.

The working report pointed out that in 2017, the Group achieved double-digit growth in revenue and profit and maintained a good momentum of development. Ecological strategy started to be implemented; the combination of investment and technology has yielded fruitful results; financing model reinvented continuously; the number of construction projects and scale hit a new high; smart water pilot projects was promoted, and operational capacities were improved; overseas business continued to expand, and the process of internationalization accelerated. The business objectives in 2018 and eight key initiatives were proposed as well.

Zhou Min officially released strategic blueprint of assets management platform and operation management platform of BEWG. Zhou Min indicated that with the increasingly complex business environment, strategic management has changed from long-term behavior to short-term behavior, which needs rapid iteration and escalating. The implementation of "dual platform" strategy, moving towards the strategic goal of asset-light business model through the establishment of asset management platform and operation management platform are new strategic choices of BEWG after analysis of internal and external situation. All regions and departments should profoundly understand the connotation and implementation path of the "dual platform" strategy and take the "dual platform" strategy as the guidelines for the future work. We should make a transition toward a highly-flexible, self-renewal and metabolism-oriented eco-enterprise, build an ecological cooperation system in the field of domestic environmental infrastructure and jointly promote the steady and rapid development of the enterprise.

Li Li interpreted the strategy from the point of view of management. Li Li thought that BEWG also faces two major challenges of complex property system and scale property system. It not only needs the matched strategy, but also the appropriate organization and ability. In terms of strategic systems, the Group will integrate resources, strengthen coordination and strengthen research on strategic development, capital operation and model innovation; in terms of human resources system, the Group will release organizational vitality through talent cultivation and teamwork; in terms of management and control system, the Group will improve capacity of management and control through organizational evolution, process reengineering and brand management; in terms of risk control system, the Group will build a large risk control system with four departments to ensure the safety of projects, production,  personnel, and the company, and to guarantee for the implementation of the "dual platform" strategy.

Based on the "dual platform" strategy, Yang Guang analyzed the situation and identified the pain points in terms of investment, technology and construction. He also proposed development strategies and paths for enhancing investment capability, technological capability, building capacity and building a brand value chain. Centered on "Brand + Credit" and backed by "Investment + Technology + Construction + Operation", a valuable, responsible and shared ecosystem will be constructed to maintain a medium-high growth of the business.

Yu Liguo delivered a speech on the theme of how to build a fund management platform and enhance capital capabilities. He introduced the development ideas of the Group's asset management platform and emphasized the importance of preventing and controlling the capital risks. He pointed out that the Group will evolve to the asset management platform through financing, investment, asset management, risk management and capital operation in three stages. We hope all the functions and businesses of the Group will work in coordination with the Beijing Financial Service to help the Group change to an asset-light enterprise.

Jiang Xinhao claimed that the continuous economic growth, tightening of the financial situation and the introduction of policies such as ppp are both an opportunity and challenge for environmental protection enterprises, and financial management will become the key. It is hoped that BEWG will attach great importance to fund management, take measures to expand its capital channels to ensure the fund demand of key projects, and strengthen the refined management of cash flow to enhance capital budget and efficiency of use. At the same time, we should eliminate the erroneous understanding of the capital market for BEWG through various forms and unlock its value. He finally expressed that Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited will strengthen its strategic synergy and serve as a backup to support the development of BEWG.

Li Yongcheng highly affirmed the achievements of BEWG. He pointed out that over the past decade, BEWG has transferred from a traditional water supply mode to a comprehensive water services and environmental protection services provider covering investment, technology, construction, operation and capital, and has trained an excellent team, becoming a leader in the industry. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of BEWG. It is also the first year of the launch of the "dual-platform" strategy for the capital management platform and the operation management platform. BEWG should take this as an opportunity to comprehensively and objectively sum up experiences, find problems, cover the shortage, enhance its core competitiveness and lay a solid foundation for the development of the next decade. At the same time, we should attach great importance to the construction of enterprise culture, strengthen the discussion and cultivation of organizational culture and management culture, making valuable, responsible and shared cultural ideas have permeated people's thinking and promote the unification of the common core values and development goals of employees and enterprises to support the implementation of the strategy.

In combination with actual work, some of the Group's departments have made statements on how to enhance its core competencies with the goal of the "dual platform" strategy.

During the meeting, the signing ceremony of target responsibility documents and awards ceremony were held. The Group signed the target responsibility documents 2018 with five major regions and commended the Group's advanced collectives, advanced individuals and eco-partners in 2017.