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[2017 Annual Report of BEWG] BEWG’s Strategic Transformation Leading its Future Development with Better Operating Performance 2018/03/28

On March 28, 2018, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as BEWG, with the stock code of HK00371) held the 2017 Performance conference in Hong Kong. Li Yongcheng, vice-president and chairman of the board of directors of BEWG, Zhou Min, executive director and chief executive officer of BEWG, Li Li, executive director and chief executive officer, Li Haifeng, executive director and vice president, Dong Huanzhang, executive director and chief financial officer and other management were present at the conference and communicated with investors participating and the media.

In 2017, BEWG realized HK 21.192 billion dollar prime operating income, increasing by 22% on year-on-year basis, and 3.717 billion dollar profits attributable to the parent company, increasing by 15% on year-on-year basis, and 31% increase of profits in recurrent business after eliminating the nonrecurring profit and loss. It realized HK 100.461 billion dollar total assets, with an increase of 24% than that the last year. The underlying profit per share is HK 42.41 cents, increasing by 15% on year-on-year basis.

The board of directors of BEWG suggested distributing HK 7.5 cents per share to the shareholders at the end of the year. In 2017, BEWG has distributed HK 15.5 cents of dividends, with the dividend payout ratio of 17%, despite the fair value income from the derivate financial instruments and the investment properties, to feedback shareholders for their support.

Li Yongcheng, chairman of the board of directors of BEWG indicated in the conference, with continual adjustment of the domestic environmental protection and financial policies, while expanding with competition intensifying, the environmental protection market is been normalized, therefore, enterprises leading the industry and being professional have more advantages. We’re at a new starting point in the environmental protection industry. In 2018, while dealing with these challenges, BEWG proposes the twin platform strategy (the asset management platform and the operation management platform) on the basis of overall implementation of construction of the ecological civilization required in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to grasp the historic opportunity and continue to lay a sound and solid foundation for the future development.

Zhou Min, chief executive officer of BEWG, expressed, the last decade has witnessed BEWG’s significant development both in scale and capability via heavy asset investment. At present, as the environmental protection industry changes a lot in policies, finance and market circumstances, facing challenge and opportunities from such change, BEWG has been innovating the financing and operating modes and makes strategic adjustment in 2018 to transform to be a light asset enterprise via the twin platform. While increasing the non-investment revenue share, the light asset mode will relieve the demand to capital, to further ensure continuous and steady increase of earnings per share.

Li Li, chief executive officer of BEWG, remarked in the conference, in 2017, BEWG has kept a strong growth in the operating performance, with its increase in profits greater than that in its income. With change of the income structure, BEWG gradually transformed to the light assets mode. In 2018, BEWG will rise to the occasion of opportunities and challenge resulting from change of the environmental protection industry to deepen internal management reform and capability building and improve its technological content and professional level, so as to realize ground-breaking development in the new era.

BEWG’s Annual Report indicated that, in 2017, BEWG continued its vigorous development in the core primary business and the emerging business and kept a strong growth in the operating performance. As for the traditional water affairs, the newly-increased water volume in 2017 was 4,838,500 tons/day. Due to expiration of some projects, there were 618,700 tons/day projects quitted. Therefore, the net increase of the water volume was 4,219,800 tons/day. As of December 31, 2017, the total design ability of BEWG was 31,388,000 tons/day.
As for the water environment treatment, BEWG signed 11 water environment comprehensive treatment PPP projects in 2017, totaling RMB 52.158 billion yuan.

BEWG expressed that, it would focus on the transformation of the light assets by centering on strategic targets of the 13th Five-year Plan and deepen various business, to ensure rapid performance growth and strive to realize various operating goals, to bring steady returns for shareholders.