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BEWG Staying on the Top of the Top Ten Water Enterprises with Influence in China for Consecutive Eight Years 2018/04/03

As the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China indicates the direction for the development of ecological civilization construction and the environmental protection enterprises, facing the rigid demand of the environmental government in China and normative straightening against PPP development, the water affairs market ushers in a new development pattern.

There is a group of people with the same ideals, who take the lead in race of the Chinese water industry with their comprehensive strength and have clear strategic positioning and persistent innovation ability; who deeply mine the stock water affairs market by conforming to development of the industry and via their professional abilities, and open up the water environment comprehensive treatment field and create typical water environment PPP cases; who actively practice cooperative and green development and lead the Chinese water affairs industry to stride ahead in the way of capital and innovation. They are the most influential enterprises in the Chinese water affairs industry.

In the fierce competition, who will be the winner of the industry? An answer was announced on April 3, 2018, which saw the award ceremony of the 16th session of the Water Industry Strategic Forum 2018: BEWG is staying on the top of the Top Ten Water Enterprises with Influence in China for consecutive eight years. And Liu Weiyan, Director of Operations of BEWG, on behalf of the Group, accepted the award.

The sponsor described us in his speech that BEWG is a typical example with mixed ownership in the water affairs industry, who continues to lead in the water affairs market and creates the twin platform and light asset operating mode. It flexibly uses the capital advantages for innovation in the business mode and quickly grasps the market opportunities, so as to continue to be a leader in the traditional water affairs and water environment market. What’s more, it creates the twin platform development strategy and transforms to the light assets mode and the ecology-oriented enterprise, which develops very fast.

Eight years are a journey, glories and also responsibilities for BEWG. Thank this era for its power and thank my peers by my side. We’ll set sail again. In 2018, BEWG proposes the twin platform strategy (the asset management platform and the operation management platform) on the basis of overall implementation of construction of the ecological civilization required in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to grasp the historic opportunity and continue to lay a sound and solid foundation for the future development.