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People’s Daily | A Chinese Enterprise Helping Malaysia to Build an Underground Sewage Treatment Plant, the Largest in Asia 2017/05/26

Xinhua News Agency in Kuala Lumpur (by reports Liu Tong and Lin Hao)– On May 25, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib expressed at the unveiling ceremony of Pantai Sewage Treatment Plant that, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited ("BEWG"), a Chinese enterprise, designed and constructed the largest underground sewage treatment plant in Asia. And it will be a model for environmental friendly projects and Malaysia will realize making waste profitable via Chinese technology.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, the Plant is able to treat 320,000 tons of sewage a day and serve 1.43 million people. 

Reconstructed from the former sewage treatment plant, the Plant succeeds in solving such problems as noise, stink, sewage and sludge generated in an urban sewage plant during urban development, via constructing the main unit of the Plant underground.

Luo Xuegeng, general manager of Overseas Business Department of BEWG, introduced that, as a reconstruction project, the construction party needed to overcome difficulties and changes including nonstop sewage treatment and huge volume of sludge dehydration, and also to prevent adjacent residential areas and railways from sinking. During more than 4-year construction period, such problems were solved. He also said, additionally constructed with systems of power generation by sludge digestion and solar energy, the project also realized energy saving and consumption reducing by recycling of discharged water and rain water.