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Beijing Development and Construction News | BECS Helps Hebei to Construct a “Clean City”2017/06/26

Dingxing County, Baoding City, Hebei Province recently passed the clean city review organized by Department of Housing & Urban-Rural Development, Hebei, winning the title of “clean city of Hebei Province”. In this evaluation, Dingxing County ranked the first in Baoding City, and fifth in Hebei Province. As Dingxing’s “cleaners”, Beijing Enterprises City Services (Dingxing) Limited (“BECS”) contributed a lot.  

In the on-site review and assessment of “clean city”, the trunk road of Dingxing County was tested based on weighing dirt on the streets. According to Dong Jun, executive vice president of the BECS Dingxing, the so-called “weighing dirt in grams” is the domestic commonly used quantitative assessment method. Each road is given a grade to determine to what standard it must be cleaned. First-grade roads must have less than 5 grams of dirt per square meter, second-grade roads must have less than 10 grams, third-grade roads should have less than 15 grams and fourth-grade roads should have less than 20 grams. The road garbage retention time must not exceed 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes respectively. In the test, the first-grade roads of Dingxing County are qualified with dirt per square meter of less than 5 grams.

Beijing Enterprises City Services Dingxing project is a reflection of urban and rural sanitation innovation model. According to Dong Jun, sanitation work of Dingxing County was not ideal due to the number of personnel, assessment mechanism and other reasons. Piles of garbage were stranded, and traditional buried dustbins have a strong smell. In addition, sanitation facilities are damaged, sanitation equipment is outdated, and garbage is even seen in every corner of the city at the worst time. Dingxing County government was determined to seek professional sanitation service providers throughout the country. BEWG stood out and won the bidding of Dingxing County sanitation project. In February 2016, BECS settled in Dingxing and helped the market-oriented reform of local sanitation operations.

BECS Dingxing invested more than 10 million yuan to purchase new equipment, including some vehicles. The company is currently operating a total of 44 vehicles. In addition, it purchased 89 electro-tricycles, 157 pedicabs and 1,875 trash cans.

As there are more and more local workers, BECS Dingxing recruited more than 200 cleaners, which not only solved the problem of local employment, but also make the management more localized to facilitate better services. The expansion of the sanitation team, clear and definite working hours, the clear scope of work, normalized work standards, and a large number of sanitation mechanical equipment have greatly reduced the workload of sanitation workers and more effectively decreased potential safety hazards. The previous traditional working mode is shifted to current daily average cleaning of more than 16 hours, and working hours and tasks can be adjusted according to the need at any time.

In view of nature of the industry, BECS Dingxing implements semi-militarized management with strict requirements from the discipline, dress, weekly meeting, etc. Neat and uniform clothing and clean and tidy sanitation vehicles are beautiful scenery on streets.

At the end of last year, the BECS Environmental Security Network was put into use in Dingxing County. The system relies on the Internet and big data, connecting sanitation facilities, sanitation work vehicles, operating personnel, sanitation management vehicles, sanitation management personnel, and forming sanitation management network, sanitation operating personnel network, vehicle network, facilities network and all-round management of operations. Dong Jun said that the intelligent network can accomplish dynamic monitoring of sanitation personnel to give a real-time display their operating track, which is both in favor of improving work efficiency, and the assessment of work efficiency.

After general adoption of market principle, Dingxing’s sanitation management office is separated from corporations, the problems such as integration of government administration with enterprise, integration of management and operation and absence of clearly defined duties and responsibilities have been solved. At the same time, the low efficiency and high cost situation of hand sweeping under public institution establishment in the past have been replaced by mechanized operation with cost and efficiency advantages so as to meet the requirements of the government and the public on the quality of sanitation cleaning. At present, urban environmental sanitation keeps cleaning, garbage is cleaned up on a daily basis, and mechanized cleaning rate of urban primary and secondary roads hit 75% or more in Dingxing County.

Previously, Dingxing County sent questionnaires of “Satisfaction Questionnaire Survey of Dingxing County Environmental Health”, the results show that BECS Dingxing’s work has been generally recognized by local residents. So far, the company has won honors of “Advanced Enterprise of Flood Prevention”, “Model Enterprise for Cultural Construction”, and “Advanced Collective of City Appearance and Environment Sanitation Industry”, etc.