Safeguard the Source of Life, Create Green Environments
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All vital activities originated from water At BEWG, all business operations center around water resources and environmental protection As a leader in the water environment industry, we are committed to water recycling and the protection of water ecosystems, and addressing issues concerning water resources, water safety, and water environment In addition to effectively handling water-related work, we endeavor to expand industries related to environmental protection, go to sustain ecological civilization in a wider scope, create vitality and thus satisfy people s yearning for a beautiful environment
Fundamental lies in guarding

The fundamental key to our mission lies in “ Guarding“. As a devoted water service provider, we are duty-bound to stick to our primary business and see water as foremost.

Value lies in creating

The value of our mission lies in “Creating“. In an increasingly complex environment, we must think outside the box so as to forge ahead into the future, create new value and bring a new life to the environment.

Core work

Our mission represents all the value of the BEWG and its central work to guarantee interests for all related stakeholders such as the society, customers, employees, and shareholders. Each member of the BEWG family is a guardian of the source of life and a creator of the green environment.



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