Organization Structure Integrity Culture Systems and Codes Announcement on Punishments Means of Reporting
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited attaches great importance to integrity and compliance work, pays close attention to anti-bribery, anti-corruption, and anti-unfair competition, and has established a centralized, comprehensive, authoritative and efficient integrity and compliance supervision system. The board of directors, management, Party committees and discipline inspection commission of the Group attach great importance to system integration to strengthen supervision cooperation, guide employees and relevant interested parties to strictly abide by laws and regulations, as well as professional ethics by creating a culture of integrity. Through the improvement of prevention, control, supervision and handling mechanisms, company governance is strengthened to safeguard shareholders' rights and interests, implement social responsibility, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprise.
The board of directors of the Group complies with the listing rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, coordinates the governance codes and anti-corruption strategies of the Group, and promotes the improvement of the integrity and compliance management system.
The management of the Group implements the resolutions of the board of directors, establishes and improves the integrity and compliance management structure, integrates the requirements of integrity and compliance into the entire process of production, operation and talent management, and conducts responsibility investigation and suggestions for units and individuals who violate regulations and laws.
The Party committees of the Group strengthen the guidance on integrity and compliance policies to ensure that the enterprise's decisions and arrangements and implementation process are in compliance with the Party's and national policies, laws and regulations.
The (Leadership Group for Ethics and Compliance) Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group performs the duties of supervision, discipline enforcement and responsibility investigation, deepens the construction of integrity culture, accepts whistleblowing and accusation of integrity and compliance, supervises compliance of personnel at all levels with professional ethics and performance of duties according to regulations and disciplines and laws, and handles the problems.
Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department and Audit Center are specially set up in the Group Headquarters. The centers, business divisions, regions, wholly-owned and holding companies of the Group fulfill the integrity commitments and participate in integrity and compliance work.
The Group has employed 18 integrity supervisors from grassroots units to be mainly responsible for daily supervision and inspection of all regions and centers to ensure the compliance of all work.