BEWG Education was founded in 2017, is the ecological environment industry and educational resources platform under BEWG. Adopting an innovative platform operation mode, it builds an efficient and empowering ecosystem between the ecological environment industry and enterprise demand side and the talent and technology supply side. Facing the ecological environment professional group of colleges and universities, it develops 12 categories of products such as hands-on training and teaching equipments, virtual simulation software, and textbooks for the integration of industry and education and forms an ecological environment teaching product system with independent intellectual property rights. It also provides high-quality workshops, customized training, and skill level certification for frontline employees to help enterprises in the ecological environment industry to improve the comprehensive quality of talents. BEWG Education is committed to building a win-win ecosystem for the integration of industry and education, and becoming an innovative platform enterprise in the ecological environment field to smooth the value chain of "government, industry, academia, research, utilization, creation, and gold", and to drive industrial upgrading.

Environmental industry education
and innovation value chain platform
  • Integrate resources

    Stimulate the enthusiasm of all participants and achieve win-win results

  • Innovation mechanism

    Stimulate the enthusiasm of all participants and achieve win-win results

  • Brand building

    Build the most influential industry university research cooperation platform in the water environment industry

  • Cultivation of talents

    Contribute industrial wisdom and cultivate elite talents

  • Enterprise Business Studies

    Dedicated to providing cutting-edge, practical business knowledge and professional training for entrepreneurs and management personnel in the environmental industry.

  • Vocational training

    BEWG Education has joined hands with social training and evaluation organizations to identify the vocational skills of the production and operation team of the enterprise and to provide vocational level tests for front-line employees in the water industry.

  • Consulting services

    customized consulting training services for corporate clients, covering corporate university construction, human resources micro-consulting, organizational development and talent development customization.

  • Circle services

    build an environmental industry ecological exchange circle, provide ecological partner enterprises with circle services such as "human resources exchange community, talent development forum, enterprise circle exchange community, benchmark enterprise visits", to create a platform and ecological one-stop services.

  • Think-tank construction

    Successfully created the "Environmental Master Teacher" project for the environmental industry, organizing experience extraction and business line empowerment to build a "lecturer resource pool" for the environmental education ecosystem.

  • BEWG cloud academy

    knowledge payment service, on-line and off-line course training, practice, examination and other one-stop service.

  • Integration of industry and education

    building a virtuous cycle of education, talents and science and technology, leading the future development of the ecological environment industry

  • Modern Industrial College - BEWG Solutions

    Give full play to the important role of enterprises as the main school-running body, and cooperate with cooperative colleges and universities to build a demonstrative innovative, applied and complex talent training entity integrating the functions of talent training, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship, and service to the local community.

  • Eco-environmental Teaching Resource System

    For the specialties of eco-environment, we have developed teaching resources such as high-quality professional courses, teaching materials for industry-teaching fusion, practical training and teaching equipments, virtual simulation software, etc., and formed a system of eco-environmental teaching products with independent intellectual property rights.

  • Innovative Talent Cultivation System

    Through school-enterprise cooperation in the construction of new majors, Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, "dual-teacher" teacher training, vocational skills appraisal, innovation and entrepreneurship education, the construction of industry-university-research platforms, and the creation of employment circles and other modes of cooperation, we will build an innovative talent cultivation system that is full-cycle, full-chain, and full-factor.

  • Service System for Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements

    Innovation Competition+Venture Capital Competition+Network Platform+Post-Competition Docking+Project Incubation+Application Verification.