• In November, it further accelerated the business expansion and acquired 80% of stock equity of Guangxi Guigang Water Supply.

  • In September, it completed the merger and acquisition of Huaqiang Venture.

  • In July, ZKC Environment Protection Group Limited was acquired and the total acquisition amount of 1.37 billion yuan.

  • In March, BEGC acquired Shanghua Holdings Limited and changed the name to Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited (“BEWG”).

  • In November, it implemented “going-out” strategy and signed the Memorandum of Understanding on pollution discharge field with the Malaysian government witnessed by then President Hu Jintao and Malaysian Prime Minister Nagib. Later on, both parties agreed to incorporate the Kuala Lumpur Pantai 2 Sewage Treatment Plant into the bilateral cooperation plan and take it as the first project to be started.

  • In August, it proposed “1+5” strategy to realize the rapid expansion of franchised project on the basis of high quality and make efforts to make breakthrough in five aspects in same trade acquisition, running water acquisition, international business expansion, sludge treatment and  sea water desalination.

  • In March, BEWG was awarded with Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2008 appraised and elected by China water website and ranked the top among water service enterprises in China.

  • In October, BEWG signed with Guiyang Water Supply Company and acquired 45% of the company’s property right; it indicated BEWG started to march into the water supply field.

  • In May, BEWG signed with Shenzhen Hengling Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase II) on TOT franchised project. The maximum daily treatment amount reached 600 thousand tons/day which became the largest individual sewage treatment project of the group.

  • In April, BEWG began to engage in the water environment comprehensive treatment field and invest the major national, provincial, municipal large-scaled projects, for example, Sewage Interception Engineering of Trunk Canal at South Bank of Kunming Dian Lake. 

  • In April, BEWG was ranked the second place among Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2009 appraised and elected by China water website.

  • In March, BEWG was incorporated into the component stock of HSMI and HSLI of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, indicating that the group had reached the higher standard in market value, turnover and share liquidity.

  • In December, BEWG acquired 40% stock equity of Luoyang Water Service and was called “Top 10 Transaction of Chinese Water Industry in 2011” appraised and elected by China water website.

  • In November, it moved into new head office-Beijing Baiziwan BEWG Building.

  • In October, the Caofeidian Sea Water Desalination Project was completed and BEWG was officially engaged in sea water desalination field, thus begat to march into the sea water desalination project of Beijing. 

  • In July, it successfully issued 1.95 billion “dim sum bonds” in three-to-five-year terms in Hong Kong and the minimum interest rate was 3.75%, far lower than domestic RMB loan interest rate in that time. During 2011 to 2013, the accumulative foreign bond-issue scale was 9 billion, indicating the powerful foreign financing advantages.

  • In July, it officially obtained the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Pantai 2 Sewage Treatment Plant Project and started working.

  • In June, it established the Tsinghua University-BEWG Joint Institute for Environment Industry jointly with Tsinghua University, and Chen Jining, then President of Tsinghua University, served as the president of the research institute.

  • In March, it issued 2.283 billion new shares and raised 3.391 billion Hong Kong dollars.

  • In March, BEWG was ranked the first place among Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2010 appraised and elected by China water website.

  • In September, BEWG signed the General Agreement on Asset Injection with Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited ("BEGC"), incorporating the assets of Water Plant No.9, Water Plant No.10 and Weifang Water Plant into BEWG.

  • In March, it established the comprehensive partnership with foreign and domestic branches of China Development Bank in different levels, gained 5-year loan from Hong Kong branch and 2.3 billion yuan loan of Malaysia project. It started to cooperate with large foreign financial institute to extend diversified financing mode.

  • In February, BEWG was ranked the first place among Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2011 appraised and elected by China water website in two consecutive years.

  • In November, it was listed into Morgan Stanley Capital International Index which was the acknowledged index by international investment community. This indicated the affirmation of international capital market.

  • In November, it obtained 0.24 billion US dollars long-term  low-interest loan from Asian Development Bank to provide the fund guarantee with low cost and large scale to the development of group businesses.

  • In November, BEWG signed with Taiwan Rich Development Group on the joint venture project and successfully marched into Taiwan water service market.

  • During September to October, 2.304 billion Hong Kong dollars was raised by the foreign allotment of shares in twice, including the share allotment of Khazanah Nasional of Malaysia government strategic investment company, fully reflecting the recognition of capital market.

  • In August, it started to construct Beijing Daoxianghu Lake Reclaimed Water Plant, which was the first full underground sewage treatment plant which has been put into operation in northern China. This project was greatly supported by Beijing Municipal Government, Haidian District Government and national water projects. This project was listed as municipal and district major project, and became the only one water service project and key project of environmental protection department among top 10 major projects of Beijing in upcoming three years.

  • In July, BEWG acquired many water service projects including BCEG Environment, Standard Water and Salcon Water (in September) with the water treatment increment exceeding 6 million tons/day and broke a new record of “water treatment increment scale by single enterprise within one year” in China Water Industry.

  • In March, BEWG acquired 100% stock equity of two wholly-owned subsidiaries of VEOLIA WATER Portugal and opened the new trail that the Chinese-funded water enterprise successfully acquired the assets of foreign well-known water service enterprises. 

  • In March, BEWG signed the Water Environment Comprehensive Governance Project of Guiyang Nanming River, fully marching into the water environment comprehensive governance industry and taking a lead of comprehensive governance of river basin in China.

  • In March, BEWG was ranked the first place among Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2010 appraised and elected by China water website in three consecutive years.

  • In December, it was awarded with 2014 Annual Influential Industry Brand appraised and elected by Observation Magazine of Chinese Brand and Chinese Brand Research Institute as the only one awarded water enterprise in 2014.

  • In December, it was awarded with 2014 Golden Bauhina Awards of China Securities"Listed Companies with Most Valuable Brand"and"Top Listed Companies with Social Responsibility"appraised and elected by Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao.

  • In October, the loan limit of BEWG from ADB was lifted to 0.408 billion US dollars, which fully indicated the highly recognition of market to the business mode, environmental construction achievement and operation management capacity.

  • In October, it successfully won the bidding of DBOO project of Singapore Changi Second New Water Plant and became only one Chinese water enterprise marching into Singapore water service market.

  • In August, BEWG signed the Framework Agreement on Beijing Liangshui River Water Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project. As the social capital, BEWG realized the BOT investment mode and innovative mode of investment, operation and maintenance by implementing comprehensive treatment of subsequent maintenance of riverway. 

  • In August, BEWG signed the Investment Agreement on Luoyang Luohe River Water System Comprehensive Treatment Demonstration Project to fully marched into the water environment treatment business. It reconstructed the Luohe River from the perspective of fours features including ecologicalization, humanization, territoriality and economy according to five-dimensional water treatment principle.

  • In August, it determined the strategic positioning of integrated service provider with leading professional water service environment and issued the BEWG enterprise culture “the way of BEWG water service”.

  • In July, it was awarded with one championship of 2014 Asian Implementation Team appraised and elected by Institutional Investor.

  • In July, Beijing BHZQ Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and BEWG Membrane Technology Development Co., Ltd. were successively established to create the industrial waste water and membrane businesses section.

  • In June, it established Head Office of International Business in Singapore, called as “BEWG International Company Limited”.

  • In May, it acquired Nanjing Municipal Design and Research Institute and marched into municipal design field.

  • In April, it was awarded with Top Four Global Water Service Companies in the Global Water Affairs Summit Forum as the only one Chinese enterprise elected by GWI. 

  • In March, it was selected in Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index of Chinese Stocks, in Hang Seng Main China 100 Index (in May) and became the first batch of experimental companies of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect (in November), indicating the faith of capital market on the sustainable development of group.

  • In March, BEWG was ranked the first place among Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2013 appraised and elected by China water website in four consecutive years.

  • In February, it established “371” development strategy, which meant to intensity 3 core competitiveness, vigorously strengthen and rapidly develop 7 businesses and centre on one key point. Later on, “2+N” strategy was established which referred to continuing to strengthen two main businesses of urban water affairs and water environment governance and creating whole industry chain of water service.

  • In December, it acquired Huaian Water Resource Survey and Design Institute and combined the Nanjing Municipal Design and Research Institute to create comprehensive design supporting platforms.

  • In December, it gained 0.3 billion US dollars long-term loan from International Finance Corporation; later on, the main domestic platform bank gave credit extension loan exceeding 10 billion yuan. The large scale and long-term loan at home and abroad provided the reliable guarantee for group business development.

  • In October, it was successfully approved with BEWG National post-doctoral scientific research workstation to begin to cultivate and bring in high-end technical talents.

  • In September, it became a shareholder of Changsha Well-point Environmental Protection Science Technology Co., Ltd, which was renamed as BEWG Well-point Environment Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to develop in solid waste division.

  • In July, Beijing Enterprises Environment Investment (China) Limited was established to fully develop the business in environment sanitation and solid waste treatment. It was renamed as BECS Beijing Enterprises City Service Investment (China) Limited (in April, 2017).

  • In July, it was awarded with 4 items of championship in 2014 Asian Implementation Team appraised and elected by Institutional Investor.

  • In May, it established Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited to dedicated to extending the clean energy field.

  • In March, BEWG was ranked the first place among Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2014 appraised and elected by China water website in seven consecutive years.

  • In February, it established “2+3+3” strategy and confirmed the diversified industrial layout of “two main business and multiple specialties”. Carried out the “2+3+3” business layout of “two main business and multiple specialties” based on diversified industrial strategy.

  • In December, it established BEWG ecological strategy to internally transform to the ecological enterprise and externally advocate the construction of BEWG ecological system ecology.

  • In November, it became one of the first batch of experimental medium sized companies of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, indicating the recognition of inland capital market.

  • In September, BEWG signed with Flood Control and Water System Comprehensive Treatment PPP Mode Project of Chifeng Central Urban Area, which was the first equity fund investment project

  • In September, BEWG joint venture won the bidding of Tongzhou-Beijing Sub-Center Water Environment Treatment PPP Mode Project to open leading mode of urban regional water environment comprehensive treatment.

  • In September, it moved into new head office- BEWG Building.

  • In September, the BEWG joint venture signed with the Macao Peninsula Sewage Treatment Plant Project, and fully marched into Macao water service market.

  • In August, it was ranked the third place of Top 40 Global Water Service Enterprises appraised and elected by GWI.

  • During July to November, it issued a series of bonds, Panda Bonds and Green Bonds exceeding 10 billion yuan in China and was titled with two awards of “Green Bonds Product Issuer with Most Influential” and “Company Bonds Product Issuer with the Largest Scale”.

  • In July, it was listed in Fortune China Top 500 List, ranking No. 432, as the first listed environmental protection enterprise.

  • In July, it was awarded with 9 items of championship in 2016 Asian Implementation Team appraised and elected by Institutional Investor, including the CEO of the Year.

  • In May, it established One Supreme Technology Decision-making Department, Technical Committee, to improve the technical level and professionalism and provide support for technical development and technology decision-making. 

  • In April, the BEWG Singapore Changi New Water Project was awarded with "The Annual Best Water Service Transaction"appraised and elected by GWI. The project completed the construction 18 days earlier than the contract date and it was put into operation in December, 2016.

  • In March, BEWG was ranked the first place among Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2015 appraised and elected by China water website in six consecutive years.

  • In February, it signed with Guangdong Heshan Shaping River Water Comprehensive Treatment Project, which was the typical water environment comprehensive treatment of urban and rural water system of the group business.

  • In January, it became shareholders of Zhejiang Kaichuang and GreenTech Water Engineering (in July) to deeply develop the industrial membrane and industrial wastewater businesses.

  • In October, it signed with Yixing Rural Pollution Control and Pipe Network PPP Project and became the largest distributed pollution control project and liquidized remnant pipe network assets project.

  • In August, it was listed in Fortune China Top 500 List, ranking No. 400, leaping forward 32 ranks compared with that in 2016. It became the only one environmental protection enterprise awarded with this title in two consecutive years.

  • In August, the BEWG China Life Insurance and Water Service fund jointed with China Life Insurance was officially established with the total fund scale exceeding 24 billion yuan and BEWG made a major breakthrough in new PPP investment mode of the integration of industry and finance.

  • In August, the Foundation-Stone Laying Ceremony of Urumqi Municipality Water Diversion Project was held. This project was dedicated to recovering the water river and urban ecological recovery model assisting Urumqi to become a core livable city along the Belt and Road.

  • In July, it was awarded with 10 items of championship in 2017 Asian Implementation Team appraised and elected by Institutional Investor, including the CFO of the Year and the CEO of the Year, as well as the title of “The Most Honorable Enterprise”.

  • In July, it established industrial fund platform to form BEWG Jinfu (Beijing) Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

  • In July, it issued 0.4 billion MYR medium term note to make an attempt to carry out the various financing mode for the foreign businesses.

  • In July, it undertook the comprehensive demonstration project subject of Beijing Sub-center high-quality water ecological construction in 13th Five-Year Plan.

  • In June, the project fund of Chifeng around-the-city Water System was officially established jointly with Shanghai SUNVISION under the flagship of FOSUN, indicating BEWG and FOSUN co-opened the new PPP investment mode integrating the industry and finance.

  • In June, it signed with Baotou Urban Water Ecology Improvement and Comprehensive Utilization PPP Mode Project to construct the river and lake water network with “four lakes, four reservoirs and three water networks in vertical and horizontal directions” and create Baotou City become a model of urban water ecology improvement in water-deficient cities in western China.

  • During May to October, it advocated the ecological strategy and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with large enterprises, financial institute and research institute, including China Railway Construction Investment Group, China Railway 18th Bureau Group, China Railway 22nd Bureau Group, CCCC Shanghai Dredging, CSD Water Service, China Development Bank Beijing Branch, Bank of Beijing, and State Environmental Research Institute.

  • In May, BEWG completed the construction and 2-year operation of Kuala Lumpur Pantai 2 Sewage Treatment Plant as agreed to officially hand over to Malaysia government. Najib, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, attended and delivered a speech in opening ceremony. The BEWG demonstration project of the Belt and Road gained warm response.

  • In April, it successfully issued 2.1 billion yuan green asset-backed notes and became the first green asset-backed note in China to lead the asset securitization innovation.

  • In April, it successively signed with Academician Wang Hao and Peng Yongzhen (in October) from Chinese Academy of Engineering to co-build the work station of experts and establish long-acting scientific and technological cooperation mechanism with top level experts in the industry. 

  • In April, it won the bidding of Beijing Daoxiang Xinfeng River Basin Comprehensive Treatment PPP Mode Project and actively participated in the landmark construction and overall water environment construction of the Southern Beijing.

  • In March, it became shareholders of Xinglu Water and Dianchi Water (in April) and carried out equity stock cooperation with local water enterprises.

  • In March, BEWG was ranked the first place among Top 10 Influential Enterprises of Chinese Water Industry in 2016 appraised and elected by China water website in seven consecutive years.

  • In February, it established “2+4+4” business layout, i.e., make two main businesses grow stronger and larger, rapidly extend four major businesses and develop four new businesses.

  • Establishing China Eco-environment Industry and Education Alliance in November 2018, releasing"BEWG Strategic Blueprint and Industry and Education Alliance Action Plan".

  • Entering the Australia and New Zealand markets in April 2018, acquiring 100% equity in Australia's Trility Water Group.

  • Starting shift to light-asset development in February 2018, launching the “Double-platform” strategy (asset management platform and operation management platform) to become a leading professional water and environment infrastructure investment institution and a multi-business management platform with excellent operation.

  • Issue and implement a comprehensive innovation strategy to provide impetus for innovation of capital, technologies, talents, and data.


  • Working with the Three Gorges Group to protect the Yangtze River, phased results continued to emerge. The PPP project of the comprehensive treatment project of the sewage system in the downtown area of Yueyang jointly won the bid is the first batch of the pilot/demonstration project for the implementation of the "Protection of the Yangtze River" strategy.


  • Officially entered the African market and provided water services for Botswana and Angola.

  • Accelerate digital transformation in an all-round way, formulate blueprints and implementation plans for digital transformation, and systematically strengthen the building of digital capabilities.

  • Two member companies successfully landed on the capital market-Beijing Enterprises City Resources Group was listed on the HKEX, and Jinke Environment Co., Ltd. was listed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).


  • Continue to expand overseas business and successfully enter the water affairs market of Sri Lanka.


  • It was selected into the fourth batch of national "1+X" certificate list of the Ministry of Education, and was approved to independently carry out the vocational skill level certification of sewage treatment works.


  • Release the digitalization strategy, to promote the digitalization and platformization of business capabilities, and to help the Group deepen the reform, transformation and upgrading.

  • It was selected in the first batch of pilot enterprises of integration of industry and education in Beijing, became the only approved unit in the environmental protection industry, and was included in the information repository of integration of industry and education in Beijing. 

  • It established the first financial sharing service center in the domestic environmental protection industry. 

  • It successfully developed the first intelligent control robot in the water industry – BE EMR.

  • It was selected into Hang Seng Sustainable Development Enterprise Benchmark Index (HSSUSB) for the first time.

  • For the first time, it has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and its ESG performance has been internationally recognized.

  • We have released two technology products, BEAOA and Beikong Speed Granules, among which BEAOA has obtained technical certification from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

  • Deeply insight into the market and build a new pattern of "1+4+4" business collaborative development.

  • Leading technological change and building a new paradigm of "cloud-chain-end" operation to empower the transformation of light asset business.

  • For the first time, put forward the concept of "future new water affairs" to the industry, start the future new water affairs plan, and establish the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei National Technology Innovation Center-Future New Water Affairs Research Center".

  • The ESG rating was upgraded to Grade A and became the only Asian company in the water industry to receive this rating.

  • Build a "new highland" for the integration of production and education and establish a national community for the integration of production and education in the eco-environmental protection industry.

















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