• Great Enterprise

    develop from big enterprise to strong enterprise and strive to become a great enterprise

  • World-class Service Capability

    • Provide Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions for "Beautiful World" to demonstrate China`s background-image
    • Create a world-class resource support and service system
    • Strengthen international operation to build a community of global water ecology
  • Global Vision

    build a community of shared future for mankind as there is only one earth

  • Full Coverage of Environmental Protection Fields

    expand from current water, environmental sanitation and solid wastes, and clean energy services to river, lake, forest, farmland, grassland, water, soil, air, and solid waste services

Continue to acquire and manage large-scale assets, rely on technology and model innovation to create new business growth points, improve corporate operational efficiency, and achieve sustainable development of the company

final goal
two pillars
bottom support
realization company sustainable development

Building a pan centralized community of common destiny with super vitality

Light asset
Asset management
Operation management