Supporting Beijing- Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Promoting the development of Yangtze River Economic Belt Supporting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Supporting Belt and Road Initiative

BEWG implements the spirit of the Outline of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Plan and upholds the strategy of solidifying business in Beijing, strengthening development in the Beijing-Tianjin- Hebei region, and fuelling growth in the Bohai Economic Rim and entire North China. We strive for the sustainable restoration of the water environment from five aspects: source, point, line, surface and body. The aim is to build a governance system consisting of "one core and two wings" with the distinct characteristics of BEWG, to restore clear waters, lush mountains, and the harmony between cities and water, and to integrate our services into people’s lives in a faster and broader way.

Cooperating with local governments for better cities

BEWG is committed to being based in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and influencing North China. In 2019, we joined with local governments to build better cities.

  • On August 15, BEWG and the Baoding Municipal People’s Government signed an Investment and Cooperation Agreement for the Comprehensive Treatment of Huanghua Ditch of the Baoding Comprehensive Water System Treatment Plan (Phase I) PPP project in Beijing. BEWG draws on its capital, technology, and operational and management strength to provide the government and local residents with a better and more comprehensive water supply, sewage treatment and water environment treatment.
  • On August 8, BEWG and the People’s Government of Junan County signed a cooperation agreement for the Longwang River sewage treatment plant reclaimed water project in Junan.
  • On May 28, BEWG and the People’s Government of Hengshui City signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. Following the public-private partnership (PPP) project for water system restoration in the main city of Hengshui, we will unite in fields such as urban infrastructure construction and operation, water environment governance and urban environmental services.
  • On February 27, BEWG and Dalian Water Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote innovative development. We will focus on national strategies, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, give full play to our strengths, and explore cooperation in urban water supply, drainage and environmental governance.

  • China PPP Fund of the Ministry of Finance invests in PPP project for sewage sludge treatment in Qinhuangdao city

    On March 5, 2019, the China PPP Fund of the Ministry of Finance paid RMB 330 million for shares of the Qinhuangdao PPP sewage sludge treatment project. It not only marked the formal participation of the Fund in BEWG North China's Qinhuangdao PPP sewage sludge treatment project but also the launch of our first equity fund, based on the principle of "equal right for all shares". The project is a high quality, prefecture- level, plant-pipe network integration, with mud-water integration revitalizing stock assets. Consistent with current national policies, it commands the largest investment of existing PPP- based drainage facilities.

    According to China’s requirements for giving full play to the location advantages of the Yangtze River Economic Belt across the three major plates of China’s East, Mid and West Areas, being guided by collective protection and no large-scale development, and being led by ecological priority and green development, BEWG has actively participated in major ecological restoration projects in the Yangtze River Basin, and devoted itself to the great cause of Yangtze River protection together with the China Three Gorges Corporation by mobilizing resources, gathering strength, and putting forward brilliant solutions.

    BEWG’s milestones in the Great Protection of Yangtze River:

    • On January 18, BEWG signed a cooperation agreement with Yangtze River Ecological Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yangtze River Ecological Environmental Protection Group"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Three Gorges Corporation"), on proposed cooperative items.
    • On March 22, BEWG and Three Gorges Corporation signed an agreement on deepening cooperation in Beijing.
    • On June 4, A consortium led by BEWG won a bid for the PPP sewage treatment project in downtown Yueyang City – a pilot for the Yangtze River Protection Plan.
    • On June 5, The Yangtze River Ecology and Environmental Protection Industry Alliance was established. BEWG served as the deputy chairman entity.
    • On November 27, The Three Gorges Corporation and BEWG jointly founded the Yangtze River Green Development Fund Management Co., Ltd.
    • PPP comprehensive sewage treatment project in Yueyang City

      On June 4, 2019, BEWG led a consortium of seven companies – including the Yangtze River Ecology and Environmental Protection Group and Beijing Enterprises Water Group (China) Investment Co., Ltd. – who won a bid for a PPP comprehensive sewage treatment project in downtown Yueyang. This project is one of the first pilots for the Yangtze River Protection Plan. The total investment of the project was RMB 4.445 billion. It is also the first result of China Three Gorges Corporation and BEWG signing a cooperation agreement to implement the requirements of the plan.
      The model for the project integrated the plant, pipe network, river and riverbank. Inventory asset acquisition, upgrading and expansion of sewage treatment plants, improvement of the sewage pipe network and water environment management are all involved. The project revolutionized the traditional isolated-point- based treatment model. It focused on improving the overall ecological environment and took municipal sewage treatment as the entry point. Through systematic governance, demonstration and promotion, it established a new model for protecting the Yangtze River and building a green development demonstration zone.
    • PPP Yuhangtang River basin water environment treatment project

      The Yuhangtang River basin has an important impact on the green development of the Yangtze River Basin and therefore on the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Investment in the environment treatment project totalled RMB 2.35 billion. With four sub-projects – sewage collection and treatment, river network and water system treatment, dredging the main course of the Yuhangtang River, and the Phoenix Mountain Park – it involved a plant, pipe network, river, riverbank and people. To build a high- quality urban ecosystem, we upgraded 5km of municipal sewage pipeline, built an underground sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 150,000 tons per day, restored 22 rivers, built a 16.8km waterfront corridor and a 4km mountain boardwalk, enabled smart water regulation, established education and an exhibition about environmental protection, and expanded living space.
      As of the end of 2019, the Phoenix Mountain Park was essentially completed. River network regulation and Yuhangtang main river course regulation projects were 90 per cent completed, and the sewage treatment plants were 50 percent completed. It is expected that all sub-projects will be completed by the end of 2020. The project provides urban flood control and reduces the risk of waterlogging. It can also remedy polluted rivers and contribute to clear water and beautiful scenery, creating an enjoyable environment for local residents.

      The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as one of the most open and economically vibrant regions in China, plays a significant strategic role in the overall development of China, and BEWG has actively participated in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and made contributions to the realization of ecological construction by keeping up with the spirit of China’s Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

      • Phase I of the comprehensive water environment treatment program in Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, commended by local government

        In June 2019, we won a bid to treat black and odorous water bodies treatment project of the comprehensive water environment treatment project (phase I) in Pengjiang District. In the first phase of this project, we remedied water quality in the basins of the Tiansha and Duruan rivers, and thereby significantly improved the environment of the district in Jiangmen City. We completed 90 per cent of survey and design tasks, and 50 per cent of construction, within half a year. Our efforts made a remarkable contribution to the city’s treatment goals. The People’s Government of Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, highly praised our work and promoted us to other cities and districts.

        BEWG has actively implemented the cooperative development concept of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and relying on strong capital strength, leading technology and rich management experience, it has brought clean water and ecological restoration to the regions and countries along the route to facilitate sustainable development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

        • First reclaimed water project in Yinchuan City

          The total investment of the first reclaimed water plant project in Yinchuan City is RMB 1.504 billion, covering an area of 31.6 hectares with the construction scale of 300,000 m3/day. The project adopted semi-underground construction form and "AAO + high-efficiency sedimentation tank + V-shape sand filter" process, and its effluent met the ground quasi- IV standard. Taking the construction of the "Belt and Road Water Ecological Experience Innovation Center E-park" as the core design, the project built the ground landscape into an open three-dimensional park which keeps warm like spring based on the design concept of "green, intelligence, innovation, and sharing", thus becoming an open area to provide leisure and fun for citizens.
          The implementation of this project will integrate sewage treatment, reclaimed water utilization and environmental knowledge sharing, and exert great significance to the ecological environment and water resources recycling in the northeast of Xingqing District and the Desheng District. In addition, the first reclaimed water plant in Yinchuan City will be used as a resource gathering area to form a vitality circle, a living circle and an ecological circle that serve the nearby area, changing the "nearby-avoiding" effect into the "nearby-benefiting" effect.
        • BEWG signs memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Kingdom of Cambodia

          On August 20, 2019, at the invitation of BEWG, Cham Prasidh – Minister of Industry and Handicraft and State Councillor of the Kingdom of Cambodia – and delegation visited the Group held talks with Zhou Min, President of BEWG, and signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Water Cooperation.
          According to the MoU, the Cambodian government welcomes BEWG to participate in the construction of water supply and sewage projects in Cambodia. It supports BEWG with information access, project application, communication and coordination through the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft. We will foster in-depth cooperation with the ministry and draw on our strengths to provide quality solutions for water infrastructure in Cambodia.
        • BEWG signs MoU with Kyrgyzstan

          On June 13 – witnessed by Kubatbek Boronov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, and Li Yue, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan – Director Adilbek uulu Shumkarbek of Kyrgyzstan’s Promotion and Protection of Investments Agency of Kyrgyzstan and Vice President Li Haifeng of BWEG signed an MoU on behalf of both parties.
          The MoU will guide China and Kyrgyzstan’s long-term cooperation in the water sector and lay a foundation for BWEG to contribute to environmental protection in Kyrgyzstan.