The scientific and technical services of BEWG is focused on research of environmental industry policy of China, industry direction study, macro-environmental problems and countermeasure study, top planning and design of environmental area, leading field research and interdisciplinary integration, hi-tech research and development, transformation and industrialization promotion of scientific research achievements, design support for various engineering projects as well as talent cultivation and development.

With the profound accumulation from the development in past years, BEWG has established the scientific and technological systems in combination with strategic height, research and development depth, coverage breadth and leading vision, which include the technical committee gathering the top level experts in the field, technical team consisting of industry elites, the scientific and technological service platformcombining superior resources as well as technical ecology system development pattern constantly blazing new trails. At present, BEWG is dedicated to integrating scientific research achievement transformation with actual production to ensure and safeguard the safety of production and operation by way of powerful technical capability.