Corporate culture concept

BEWG takes "new water, make life full of vitality" as its corporate mission and adheres to the business purpose of "customer as the source and innovation as the way". In the development of the enterprise, taking "responsibility, value and sharing" as the core value, adhering to the enterprise vision of "become a trusted and leading world-class water environmental service provider", we strive to move forward towards a great enterprise in the field of environmental protection.


The new water service makes life full of vitality


Become a trusted and leading world-class water environmental service provider


be committed, create value, and share with others

Corporate culture practice

  • Follow the Right Path
  • Strive to Grow
  • Build to Last
  • Contribute to rapid development of domestic environment enterprises

  • Support merged overseas environment enterprises in cultural integration

“Contribution” Project
  • BEWG has sorted out 283 cultural commitments made by executive officers of the Group since 2015, which demonstrates its cultural concept of “leaders act first for a culture-driven future”;

  • All department managers and first persons responsible for regional business units have participated in and led the cultural consensus building in their own units so far since 2015, helping the corporate culture to endure through time.

“Guide” Program
  • through exhibition of innovation breakthrough awards, BEWG receives an average of 300-some management and technical innovation suggestions from the grassroots level each year, a majority of which are practicable and promotable. This program fully demonstrates BEWG’s value orientation of “gathering small values to build a centurial cause”.

“Looking for Rudolph” Program
Establishing a learning organization
Overseas technical exchanges
Promoting sports culture
The National Community for the Integration of Industry and Education in the Ecological and Environmental Protection Industry
BEWG Cup Eco-Environmental Innovation Competition & Technology Venture Capital Competition
The BEWG Modern Industrial Academy