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Three Sewage Plants of BEWG are Selected as the Benchmarking Water Plants in the Second Phase of the “Double Hundred Leaps” Project 2022-11-22

On November 10, at the “2022 (the 14th) Water Industry Hotspot Forum” hosted by E20 Environment Platform, the results of the second phase of the “Double Hundred Leaps” sewage treatment benchmarking activity were announced, and the awarding ceremony was held on site. The Beijing Daoxianghu Water Purification Plant, Xuzhou Longting Sewage Treatment Plant and Hangzhou Yuhang Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase IV) of BEWG were included in the list.

“Double Hundred Leaps” is an action plan to lead high-quality development in the environment field, start a new journey from “one hundred years of Party building” to “one hundred years of nation building”, and consolidate the foundation of national rejuvenation. In July 2020, E20 Environment Platform, together with 17 industry-leading enterprises (the initiator of the alliance), jointly prepared to launch the “Double Hundred Leaps” sewage treatment benchmarking alliance (hereinafter referred to as “Double Hundred Leaps”). Taking benchmarking selection as one of the core tasks, the Alliance has organized and carried out sewage treatment plant research, benchmarking pre-selection, regional review and other activities. From June to October 2022, the Alliance organized the second phase of “Double Hundred Leaps” sewage treatment benchmarking selection, through the process of sewage plant application and preliminary selection of alliance experts, a total of 114 sub-divisional special benchmarks declared by 72 sewage treatment plants from 33 enterprises in the preliminary selection were selected from six dimensions to produce the selection results.  

Beijing Daoxianghu Water Purification Plant
Benchmarking Sewage Plant for Recycling Water Utilization

Beijing Daoxianghu Water Purification Plant was jointly built by Beijing Haidian District Water Affairs Bureau and BEWG, which adopts the BOT mode. It is the first all-underground sewage treatment plant in northern China, with a total design scale of 160,000 tons/day. The effluent quality is Beijing Standard B, and the effluent is mainly discharged into Nansha River as biological make-up water. It has the total area of service basin of about 67k ㎡, and the total service population of more than 1 million.

The water plant adopts all-underground design, not only saving more than 70% of land resources, but also comprehensively treating the sewage and odor and sludge generated during sewage treatment through fully-closed underground management, which is featured with sound insulation and odor isolation, and can effectively transform NIMBY into YIMBY, and integrate with the surrounding environment. It has become the first reclaimed water plant in Beijing that integrates sewage treatment, deep water purification, comprehensive utilization of water resources, underground treatment facilities and ground landscape park, further improving the living environment quality and land value of surrounding residents.

Xuzhou Longting Sewage Treatment Plant
Benchmarking Sewage Plant of Fine Operation and Management

Xuzhou Longting Sewage Treatment Plant Project is a key project to protect the water quality of the Kui River in Xuzhou City and ensure that the water quality of the Huangqiao assessment section reaches the standard. It is also a key project in the national “11th Five Year Plan” Huaihe River water pollution prevention and control plan. The project has a treatment capacity of 100,000 tons/day, mainly serving the urban area of Xuzhou and Tongshan District (including the High-tech Zone), with Class A effluent water, so as to improve the regional water environment quality and enhance the urban quality.  

Fine management is valued by the water plant in daily work to continuously improve product quality on the basis of ensuring system stability. In the production process, the plant focuses on technical reform and innovation, and has adopted a series of fine management methods such as determination of nitrification and denitrification rate, constantly tapping the system potential, etc. to achieve better control of unit consumption per ton of hydropower and water treatment production cost in the plant area, which is at the leading level in the industry. In the operation management, it has promoted standardized construction of the plant area, comprehensively implemented the standardized construction management system of the plant area from multiple dimensions, including system documents, production operation instructions, process quality control, etc., and duplicated and promoted the management experience of the water plant, playing a demonstration and leading role of the benchmarking water plant.

Hangzhou Yuhang Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase IV)
Intelligent Control Benchmarking Sewage Plant

Yuhang Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase IV) is located at the core of Hangzhou West Science and Innovation Corridor, with a total scale of 150,000 tons/day. It is a fully-buried sewage treatment plant to be constructed in two phases: investment and construction of 150,000 tons of civil works and 75,000 tons of equipment in the first phase, which will be put into commercial operation on May 1, 2021; capacity expansion and standard upgrading of 75,000 tons of equipment in the second phase, which is expected to be put into commercial operation in 2023. The sewage treatment plant adopts A2O+MBR sewage treatment process and centrifugal dewatered sludge treatment process. At this stage, the effluent is subject to Class I A+standard and will be raised to the IV standard after the plant is put into operation.  

The water plant has actively responded to the sewage treatment requirements of the Taihu Lake basin, and integrated water affairs, water environment comprehensive treatment with operation and maintenance, and built the “Yuhang Tanghe River Basin Water Environment Intelligent Control Platform” according to three layers of logic and eight functions to realize the integrated intelligent control of basin plants, networks, rivers and parks including one sewage treatment plant, three integrated treatment stations, 5.3 km pipe network, 1.1 million m2 water area, and 700,000 m2 landscape greening. Six systems of digital twins, intelligent video monitoring, intelligent lighting, water source heat pump, intelligent aeration and precise dosing are adopted for sewage treatment to achieve intelligent operation. The whole-process standardized operation management based on performance, the joint dispatching of plant, network and river based on “monitoring+coupling model+optimization calculation”, the “government+enterprise+public” three-in-one joint governance and the “GIS+BIM+AR+water environment” integration and application are adopted by water environment treatment to realize innovation practice of four modes, so as to strive to achieve high standard, fine and intelligent management of river basin environment.

It was proposed to promote green development and harmonious coexistence between human and nature in the report of the 20th CPC National Congress. Respecting, adapting to, and protecting nature is essential for building China into a modern socialist country in all respects. BEWG will also firmly establish and practice the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, plan for development at the height of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, constantly lead the development direction of the environmental industry, continue to create a model of high-quality benchmarking sewage treatment plants, promote positive changes in the industry, and jointly promote the construction of a beautiful China based on the resource-based, fine and intelligent concept.