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Fulfilling the Responsibility for Ecological Win-win | BEWG Wins Two Major Awards at the Procurement Success Summit PSA 2022-11-23

On November 17, the Procurement Success Summit (PSA), one of the three global business procurement summits, was held as scheduled, and the list of winners of the 2022 Procurement Excellence Award, known as the “Oscar of the procurement industry”, was announced. The procurement management center team of BEWG won the “Best Procurement Team Award---Chinese Enterprise”, and the Group’s rotating executive president Wang Zhupin won the “Outstanding Procurement Leader Award”. 

For the procurement industry, the annual procurement excellence award is an entrance to inspire new ideas and align with benchmarks, and also an opportunity to test and improve the competitiveness of the team. The 2022 Procurement Excellence Award has attracted procurement teams from 18 countries and regions around the world to participate, and a total of 172 cases have been declared. The two major awards, the “Outstanding Procurement Leader Award” and the “Best Procurement Team Award---Chinese Enterprise”, are more fiercely contested. The jury was composed of 15 international leading enterprise procurement leaders and authoritative procurement experts. The standout of BEWG has represented the strength of Chinese enterprises in the procurement sector, as well as the jury’s affirmation of the excellent practical value of BEWG’s procurement.

During the keynote speech link, Ma Yuntong, the president assistant of the Group, was invited to give a keynote speech on “Building a Cooperative Ecology for the Future Together” around the theme the Summit---“Ensuring the Supply Chain Stability & Building an Ecosystem Partnership”, and share the procurement practice of BEWG from three dimensions of enterprises, suppliers and industries. She pointed out that BEWG upholds the cooperation concept of regarding suppliers as business partners, and reshapes the supplier relationship from three aspects of optimization, service and co-creation. At the same time, she said that it is important to actively promote industry standardization and technological innovation, and support the growth of potential enterprises.

It was proposed in the report of the 20th CPC National Congress that “promoting green development and harmonious coexistence between human and nature” is the driving force for the development of the environmental protection industry. Ma Yuntong said that BEWG has fulfilled its social responsibility based on the vision of “a world-class water environment service provider that is deeply trusted and leads development”. The procurement system should be upgraded and developed, guided by strategy, and innovated continuously to pursue ecological win-win. 

More than 400 managers and experts in the procurement sector gathered at the event, and executives from Bayer, Microsoft, Schneider Electric, McKinsey, etc. were invited to deliver a speech. It aims to encourage the procurement leaders and innovators from different industries to discuss the challenges, difficulties and hot issues together through rich and high-quality summit contents, and share the best practices and the most innovative ideas and cases around the world, help the procurement peers to have an insight into the future trend, improve their procurement competitiveness and leadership, and help enterprises develop more excellent procurement strategies to create greater value.

In the VUCA era, procurement has increasingly become an important support for efficient operation and core competitiveness of modern enterprises. BEWG will upgrade its procurement system to build a “lean, agile and reliable” supply chain in the water industry, and uphold the business purpose of “customers as the source, innovation as the way” and the concept of “three services” to create more value for customers and partners, and achieve the transformation of the Group, as well as high-quality and sustainable development.