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BEWG has been the top ten influential enterprises in China's water industry for 13 years 2023-03-27

From March 23 to 24, the "2023 (21st) Water Industry Strategy Forum" hosted by E20 Environmental Platform and "Double Hundred Crossing" Sewage Treatment Benchmarking Alliance was held in Beijing.
With the theme of "Meeting the Third Wave of environmental industry", the forum will discuss the road to industrial upgrading under the high-quality development and explore the road to break the problems of the industry in the current development predicament.
In this forum, BEWG once again won the top spot of "Top Ten Influential Enterprises in 2022 Water Industry" with its excellent comprehensive performance, which is the 13th consecutive year that BEWG has won this honor.
The third wave of environmental industry
BEWG share productization development experience
China's environmental industry has gone through two decades of storms with the unprecedented process of industrialization and urbanization in China.
In the wave of the market, the industrial chain, industry scale and asset management level of BEWG has been constantly upgraded, walking in the forefront of the industry and bravely leading the tide.
In the session of "Exploring the Third Wave of Environmental Industry", Wang Zhupin gave a keynote speech entitled "Industrial Upgrading Helps high-quality Development -- The Exploration Road of Beijing Water Management's Product Development", systematically explaining the thinking and exploration of Beijing Water Management's industry development under the background of Chinese modernization.
This is the best of times for water, she notes, and it's also the most challenging.
The high quality development of the industry is the mission of the whole industry, and no one enterprise can accomplish it alone.
The high quality development of the industry needs to realize the transition from productization to industrialization, which requires standardization and scale to promote industrial upgrading.
The productization strategy of BEWG is upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0 era, from "standardization" to "perfection", striving for the ultimate application of mature technology, full-cycle collaborative innovation, and extreme efficiency of system integration, so as to achieve a substantial reduction in cost.
In the future product 3.0 era, it will rely more on the application of new technologies and cross-field integration, and make efforts to realize the ecological industry of low carbon and zero carbon, energy self-sufficiency and resource reuse.
She introduced that the productized base of BEWG is based on "unified BIM base and a set of enterprise-level standards" to build a "trinity" digital management platform to realize the whole cycle standard from product design, product delivery to product operation. She also took Yinchuan Reclaimed Water Plant as an example to introduce the standardized operation mode from product design, construction and delivery to operation service.
With regard to the future development, she said that BEWG strives to "conform to The Times and jointly build the ecology", comprehensively build a multi-dimensional high-quality standard system for the industry, comprehensively promote the sharing service of digital tools for the industry, jointly create a new model of high-quality development for the industry, provide a broader development space for the industry productization and industrialization, and join hands with peers to welcome the arrival of high-quality development era.
Double hundred night viewpoint collision
To interpret the advanced way of productization of sewage treatment services
At present, the water industry is ushering in a wave of industrialization characterized by productization. Centering on the topic of productization of sewage treatment services, Double Hundred Alliance invites industry guests to discuss the way to advance the productization of sewage treatment services.
Zhou Min was invited to attend the Double Hundred night exchange salon and express his views on the development of the industry.
Focusing on productization, he pointed out that BEWG has been studying and exploring the landing and extension of the dual-platform strategy of "capital management + transportation management" and the asset-light strategy, and constantly opening up the development path of productization based on the strategy.
"Cloud-chain-end" is a standardized product being created by BEWG. It not only serves the group's internal water plants, but also can access external water plants to jointly improve the operation level of water plants.
Technology productization delivers value through the server side, provides customers with whole-cycle housekeeping services, improves the overall standard level of the industry, and further promotes industrial upgrading.
Focusing on service, he believes that starting with customer demand, ending with meeting customer demand, continuous innovation, creating value for customers and winning customers is the ultimate solution to the problem of enterprise development.
BEWG has clearly defined the business purpose of "customer as the source, innovation as the way", established a regional company model, and strive to do a good job in urban in-depth management, build local brands, achieve brand development, and obtain business increment.
In the theme of "Upgrading ecological structure of Productization under High-quality Development", many water enterprises share their industrial opportunities and risks around productization development.
BEWG has invested a large amount of scientific research funds to build 6 production verification platforms, and open source cooperation for the industry to carry out scientific research results stage test, willing to work with the industry to promote product and industrialization upgrading.
Every industry dongfeng, is the spring of the enterprise
Each time the span of the era, will go through numerous difficulties
High-quality development is the inevitable choice after our economic development enters a new stage, and it is also the main theme of our economic and social development in the "14th Five-Year Plan" and even longer period.
BEWG strives to build a comprehensive industry system, improve product quality and promote the product development of the industry. In the tide of industry reform, BEWG Group offers wisdom and works hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life in the industry to provide solid support for the establishment and improvement of green, low-carbon and circular development of the economic system.